Balance & Composure - Keepsake

Nothing - Bent Nail (Audiotree Live)

We’re new lives in old bodies.
We’re all victims to change.
We’re new faces at parties.
We’re the meaning of strange.

If our deathbeds are empty
And our bottles are hollow,
Well, in Hell there are plenty
Wandering spirits to swallow

Should the stench of affection
Permeate my thick hide,
Skin the meat from my bones
Call the preacher inside

Put a cross to my forehead
Taunt the Devil to play
Oh, my mouth, it’ll open
I’ll regret what I say

When my eyes turn to black
And spectators, aghast
Drive a nail in my coffin
I’ll be dead with the past.


Fleeting friends flying like dying days.
Everything is borrowed.
Life’s taught me nothing stays.

My feelings are swirling in circles
I’m happy you’re here
to catch me when I fall