Cult Leader - The Indoctrinator’s Deathbed

Happy Easter.

Black Monolith first surfaced with a crushing, 3-song demo in 2011. Later in 2012, a demo of this song was released. The band went silent for a while and I had worried the project had disbanded, but it was announced last month that an album would be released through George Clarke’s (Deafheaven) new label, All Black Recording Company.

Gary Bettencourt, the man behind this band, toured with Deafheaven for a while, so it’s difficult not to draw comparisons. Rest assured, however, that Black Monolith is its own, grittier and much darker beast. Punk and D-beat infused black metal that still carries the listener with occasional ethereal melodies. Well worth the wait.

This song makes me want to melt.

Phantom pains persist; don’t think they’ll cease to exist, nor will the darkness fully desist, but I’ve been reminding myself to keep living. Showered in cool afternoon light, I glimpse solace and flirt with new respite.